Let’s beat all vicious enemies in a new RPG MOBA game called Adversator! You will step into a ruthless battle where you must finish off all other enemy heroes for a chance of winning. Adversator game features three kinds of heroes you can pick before entering the arena: strength, agility, and intelligence. These heroes will fight against each other in accordance with the in-game rules. Strength can beat intelligence but is unable to beat agility. Intelligence is capable of killing agility but cannot kill strength, agility is way more powerful than strength but cannot defeat intelligence. Make sure you keep these rules in mind during the fight so you can beat your opponents. You need to push them out of the map, make use of anything you find to buy brand new items that can make your hero much stronger. The main goal of Adversator free game is to become the best hero!

How to play

Use the right mouse to move, press keys AZERTY/QWERTY for using an item, use the arrow keys for moving the camera, key C to lock the camera, and press the spacebar to focus the camera.

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