Badminton Online

If other sports-themed IO games couldn’t be attractive enough to keep you engaged, why don’t you try out Badminton Online? The new game brings you nothing but a huge amount of fun, also, this is an easy chance for you to have your sports skills tested. In this title, you and the other contender will step into a match and you must try your hardest to beat him/her. They can be more skilled than you, so never underestimate their capabilities. Instead, you should show them what you’ve got by attempting to score as many goals as possible. Make sure you aim and throw the ball in the perfect direction for higher points, at the same time, quickly prevent your rival from scoring. You can hinder their movements using your good strategies too. At the end of the match, the one who obtained 5 points first will end up as the winner, which is your main goal in Badminton Online. Alright, let’s join it now for a lot of fun!

How to play

Use key W to jump, keys A/D to move, the left/right mouse buttons to throw a ball and use the mouse to aim.

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