brings you a more awesome confrontation between humans and zombies. It is the second chapter of that is free to play in a browser. The graphics, effects as well as challenges in this chapter are all well upgraded. You can even play with full 3D settings if you want. In the game, you take on the role of a human or a zombie. If you become a human, your objective is to survive the zombie’s attacks. Go explore many areas to find various objects, use them wisely to build safe shelters for yourself then quickly hide the zombies. In case you are a zombie, you must search for the humans, tag them and turn them into zombies as well. It will be better if you work with your teammates, support each other so your team can overcome all dangers. The victory will belong to the human team or the zombie team in Play it now!

How to play

Move your character pressing arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to jump, use the left mouse to attack.

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