Do you think you can vanquish a big arena filled with enemies? Then let SmashArena test your fighting skills now! This is such an awesome fighting Upgrades game from the IO games series. You will direct a strong character and attempt to battle against other opponents in the same arena to see who will become the Smash Arena champion. You navigate your way through the map gathering a lot of strong items, arm yourself with those collected items, then jump into the action to slay all opponents. You need to perform many actions to wipe out for foes, defend yourself from soaking damage from their attacks and attempt to stay alive. Don’t forget to keep yourself upgraded with brand new weapons for more power. The official objective in SmashArena that all players must achieve is to become the champion, and this championship must be yours! Let’s kick it off right now! Have a good time with it!

How to play

Use keys WASD for the movements, click the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse for using an item and press key R to reload.

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