is yet another Christmas-themed Diep Style free for all game. Prepare your abilities in readiness for an upcoming battle between you and online opponents. You have to go around the map in the form of a snowball whose mission is to collect a lot of snowballs to throw at other players just to wipe them out of the arena. Make sure that you aim at them carefully before launching your shots, and try to not cause any mistakes, or you can’t kill them. As you navigate your way through the map, feel free to gather many snowflakes on the ground to grow the size of your snowman as well as the snowballs that will be thrown. Being a bigger snowman is always advantageous as you can outplay the opponents easily without using too much effort. Make sure to elude the incoming shots dealt by the rivals, otherwise, you will soak damage. The in-game objective is to become the champion!

How to play

Shoot the snowballs at your rivals using the left mouse.

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