Are you good at fighting, punching and kicking enemies? Now, you can totally present all of those skills in Taekwon.io – a very fun RPG Upgrades Power-Ups IO game to master. You have a unit, but it is not strong enough to fight back the opponents. So, you must upgrade it by training a lot of different techniques, like punching, kicking and blocking. You have to make sure that those skills are well trained before you can join Underground Fighting Ring by entering the arena. When the fight is kicked off, quickly punch right into the faces of your opponents, kick them all as well as block their attacks. You should attempt to defend your unit at all costs, and be sure that the enemy units will be completely defeated. If you want to leave the game and come back to it tomorrow, you can save progress. The game goal here is to become the strongest fighting unit! Wish you luck!


How to play

Use the left mouse to punch and click the right mouse to kick.

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